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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by JonnyDangerous, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Hi all. Two questions

    1. I've been starting to rip my DVD collection using Handbrake onto my ATV. Once its copied into iTunes i'm adding artwork which i've grabbed from Amazon. It's OK but isn't the best quality and doesn't quite fill the artwork space properly (i.e there's a white box around the artwork which doesn't look too professional). Is there a better source to get artwork? Are others solving this a different way?

    2. iTunes seems to re-sync the whole movie when i just change artwork. Is that normal? Seems overkill...
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    If something doesn't exist there (most does) then see if you can't add it to the database... then it'll be there for you again should you need it in the future and for everybody else!

    AppleTV does resync the whole movie if you just change the art because I believe the art is embedded in the file... it's dumb I agree.
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    For albums, I usually google it, click Images and pick a minimum size of 800x600. Then pick the best one and copy and paste it in. I guess the same would work for movies, but I haven't done much of this - the only movies I tend to have my Apple TV are from the iTunes store, and come with art.
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    Can I ask what preset or settings your using please, and is it only for your Apple TV? eg nothig else like a PS3 or iPhone etc?


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