Atv1 + 10.5.8 = :(

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by GimmeSlack12, Sep 17, 2011.

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    I got a hand me down ATV1 with Firecore on it but didn't really know how to work the ATV into my home theater. Already I run an HDMI from my iMac to my TV and use Plex to watch movies, the need for the ATV1 w/Firecore was redundant to say the least.

    So I installed 10.5 on the ATV wondering if I'd find another use for it. I tried installing Plex on it and it runs, but very very slowly. The 256mb of RAM is the Achilles of the whole thing (although the 1GHz processor probably isn't helping either).

    Now if I were to set this thing up with 10.4.9 I think I might have better luck in terms of responsiveness and memory management but still not sure what I'd do with it.

    Any thoughts? Maybe I should just restore Firecore onto the thing (cloned an image) and sell this thing off? I thought it'd be a fun little project but it's just too limited.
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    Not sure I understand you. Do you mean you actually installed OSX 10.5 on the :apple:tv? if so that's PROBABLY why. My :apple:tv1 is stock and that's slow enough so goodness only knows how you managed it. If you have the stock OS and connect it to you local network then it should be fine
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    Unless there's been a fix, the ATV1 will not have audio with Leopard.
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    Feb 19, 2011
    Yeah, that would be a RAM limitation (mainly). OS X on ATV is only good as a file/iTunes/VPN server.

    If you want to make a decent HTPC out of it, install one of the ATV XMBC linux distros and a Broadcom Crystal HD. Then you've got a machine that can decode anything.

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