ATV2 and Power Failure

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Nychot, May 3, 2012.

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    Since I've had my ATVs -- one is jail broken, one isn't -- i havent experienced any power failures. but last night there was a storm and the power went out twice. both units are connected to good surge protectors and were in sleep mode. but this morning with the power back on, each ATV had been bumped out of sleep mode -- the front light was on -- and on the apple menu netflix had disappeared completely on both. I did a reset and netflix reappeared. to make a loooong story short, is there any way to actually protect the ATV from electrical surges or power outtages because they are ALWAYS actually on unless you pull the plug?
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    Buying a better surge protector is your best option. The problem is of course not isolated to just your ATV - any of your home electronics are succeptible to a spike. You can also look for a product that combines surge protection with UPS capabilities, giving your the option to safely power down your equipment.
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    you need a better surge protector, those thing usually need to be change every 12 month (nobody really do, but they are only rated for that, most of them).

    If you want to keep power, you are going to need a UPS (overkill IMO for an ATV).

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