ATV2: Bugs, bugs, bugs?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by westy310, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Aug 16, 2011
    I'm a ATV1 user who recently bought the ATV2. I like to play music using playlists that are are a mix of songs and music videos, and I like to enjoy the floating photo screensaver during the music. This worked great on the ATV1, but I've run into some problems with the ATV2 that just don't seem to make sense. Any thoughts woudl be appreciated.

    - On the ATV2 only, the screen saver continues to play during music videos. The ATV1 behaves just like it should, quitting out of the screen saver when a music video comes up, then resuming the screensaver during the next (non-video) song. But not on the ATV2. This makes no sense to me, and it's weird that they got it right with the old ATV, but not the new one.

    - On the ATV2 only, individual start/stop points for songs and videos do not work. A handful of songs - and TONS of music videos - have overlong intro or outro segments (skits, crowd banter, etc.) that I'd rather skip when playing in a playlist. These start/stop points are set in the main iTunes library - you go to the "Song Info" for that song, and you can specify that it start playback at the 1:02 mark and end at the 3:56 mark or whatever. The ATV1 correctly used my custom start/stop points, but the ATV2 does not. Again, how did they get this right with the old model, but not the new one?

    - In Netflix, sometimes the "Recently Viewed" menu does not appear. Anyone else notice this?

    On the plus side, I love that the screensaver can stream photos from my whole iPhoto library, not just a small subset. And I love Airplay. My wife and I both have iPhones, and finally we can play our home movies, in HD, right on the TV, with one touch of a button, before we even transfer them to the computer. And I just discovered that the iPhone Pandora app has AirPlay - Pandora on the Apple TV! Heaven! And the Netflix app is much better than on the PS3 or Wii - Netflix is once again worth keeping even at their recently jacked-up rates.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!


    I forgot a couple of things:

    - On the ATV1, you could create a Genius playlist from a song currently playing (using the iPhone Remote app), but it appears you can't do that on the ATV2 - I'm not seeing a Genius button on the Now Playing screen. Anyone know if this is possible?

    - On the ATV1, you could control the playback volume - even to the HDMI and optical outputs - using either the IR remote or the iPhone Remote app. It doesn't look like you can do that with the ATV2.

    - Speaking of volume, are custom volume settings for songs/videos recognized by the ATv2? I'm guessing no, just because custom start/stop points are not, but has anyoen tried it?


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