ATV2, Harmony One, + Original ATV2 Remote

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by canuckle, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Just a curious situation i can't find a solution for searching the forums...

    I have an ATV2, which works flawlessly. It's hooked up to my Home Theatre, so I use a Harmony One remote to control it, as I do with the rest of the components (works great).

    Here's the issue...the original ATV2 Apple remote, which was working fine in addition to the Harmony, stopped working for no apparent reason. Don't think it's the battery in the ATV remote, as it's barely been used. When I use a button from the ATV remote, I see the blue light on the ATV flash indicating it's sensing it, but no reaction. Meanwhile the Harmony continues to work fine.

    My question...if, somehow, the ATV remote has become unpaired, can I pair it without losing the control by the Harmony remote? While I can start from scratch with the Harmony (it worked fine having both able to control when I first bought the ATV), I'd prefer just to pair the ATV remote again if I won't lose control with the Harmony.

    Sorry for the long explanation/background, just figured that more info is better.


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    Hope this helps.... my ATV remote + Harmony remote work together with no problems.

    Apple TV: Pairing and unpairing the Apple Remote

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