[ATV2] Play DVD's and actually see a DVD menu, select commentary audio, etc?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by JT3Jon, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. JT3Jon, Feb 21, 2011
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    Hello everyone,

    I ripped my DVD library into .video_ts folders and was using my macbook as a media hub via the display port out and HDMI into my TV and it worked GREAT.....the file would play like any old DVD, complete with menu's, commentary audio tracks, deleted scenes, special features, etc...that is until my display port stopped working on my mac!! I bought an ATV2 as a replacement, but it seems to be a struggle!

    I've hacked my ATV2 and tried loading the same video_ts folders in XBMC, but instead of opening like a DVD, it leads to multiple individual tracks (no menu's), all with non-descriptive names, and when I try to play any file, 9x's out of 10 it will crash.

    Any advice? Is it at all possible to make the ATV2 play DVD's like my mac would play video_ts folders? Is it possible to replicate the DVD experience on the Apple TV? Any hope for the future? I personally don't know why apple doesn't make a "DVD player app" for apple TV, sell it on the app store, and finally allow us to play all our media content on a single device!! Why can our macs play video_ts folders as DVD's, but not our Apple TVs?!
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    OK, here we go, one by one.

    1. Wait until XBMC or Plex comes out with an update. Or rip as individual movie/episode files and add 'em to iTunes.

    2. Not unless a 3rd party writes a program to do it.

    3. See #2

    4. My Magic 8-ball is broken, try again later.

    5. Because Macs are sold with DVD drives and/or DVD authoring software with 'em, so they need an app to make use of them. ATV2s are smaller than a DVD, and don't have the horse-power to author DVDs, so no apps are coming from Apple to make use of them. Apple wants you to buy/rent videos on the ATV2, not roll-your-own.


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