ATV2 playback stops, wierd pattern

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    [apologizes in advance for bad language. Non-native English coming up.]

    Having some problems with streaming movies from iTunes to the new Apple TV. I have no clue whats causing this, hopefully there is a clever person out there who can point me in the right direction. :)

    The following set of events happens every time I stream a movie from my iTunes library:

    Movie plays fine for about 15 minutes, then playback suddenly stops and I'm taken back to the ATV2 'home screen'. I navigate back to the movie I was watching and chose 'resume playing'. Playback continues where left off.

    After this, playback continues for no more than 30-40 seconds, then stops again and home screen ones again appears. Again I resume the movie, but this time the playback restarts from the previous resume point (i.e. 30-40 second before the latest stop). Then the movie plays fine for ~15 minutes, and this whole sequence repeats itself in an never ending circle. *Exactly* the same behavior each iteration.

    Any ideas what might be causing this? All input is appreciated!

    (Fwiw I have my ATV2 connected to a receiver with a hdmi-switch, but both the video and audio signal seems solid from what I can tell... And this behavior do not occur when streaming from the Internet, so I'm guessing the receiver has nothing to do with the problem.)

    edit: iMac 27", 3(?) year old airport extreme

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