ATV2 reboot when using AirPlay speaker option

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by groovyf, Sep 5, 2015.

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    I have an ATV2 that's been hooked-up to my Yamaha amp via optical cable and working flawlessly for me.
    I've now relegated it to the bedroom (hooked up to TV via HDMI) and wanting to use my Logitech UE Air speaker for sound output.
    In the ATV2 settings for AirPlay, I've selected the UE Air as the "Speaker". Upon playing either music, (via the Home Shared library) or a movie trailer (for instance) the audio comes out of the UE Air speaker as expected, however, as soon as I press a button on the Apple Remote the ATV2 soft reboots itself and then I'm back at the main screen.
    When I set the AirPlay options back to use the Apple TV as the speaker, I do not have this issue, with it rebooting when pressing a button on the remote during either audio or video playback.

    What's more odd, is that I *don't* have this issue when I *do* use the UE Air as the speaker in AirPlay options but control the ATV2 via the Remote app on my iPhone instead.

    Any ideas?
    I've done a full restore today to see if that fixes the issue, but unfortunately not.

    I have a second Logitech UE Air speaker and when using that in AirPlay speaker options, the ATV2 reboots too.
    The ATV3 I have exhibits no such issues when using either of the speakers in AirPlay speaker options.
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    try rebooting your router, as silly as it sounds, it's cleared up many airplay problems for me

    do the speakers have an IR remote?
    are you only having problems when the aTV and the speakers are in the same room? maybe the aTV remote is doing something weird to the speakers.

    you can try changing the ID on the remote (menu and select for 6 seconds) If you've paired the remote it will stop working and you'll need to re-pair. (menu-left for 5 sec to un-pair then menu-right for 5 sec to pair)
    this will change the codes the remote is sending out slightly.

    apple remote shortcuts.

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