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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by milbournosphere, Nov 21, 2013.

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    So I have a second gen apple tv that I just don't use anymore. I looked on CL and fleabay to see what they were going for and wow, resale on these things has jumped from when I bought it. It's on an older firmware and is jailbroken. That being said, here's my question:

    I have my AppleID information on the ATV as I used it for home sharing. I want to remove that data from the ATV, but really don't want to go through the effort of flashing and rejailbreaking the device. Is there any way to secure delete individual plist or preference files?

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    How to restore Apple TV 2nd gen

    How about a factory restore under Settings menu. I'm guessing here being a 1st generation Apple TV owner. BTW I would be happy to buy it from you for a reasonable amount.

    The complete solution from Apple:

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    From the Apple support page

    "On Apple TV, choose Settings > General > Reset, and then click Restore.
    Your Apple TV will restore to factory settings and will download and install the latest Apple TV software. This process may take some time. Do not disconnect your Apple TV's power cable during the restore process."

    Yeah, do not use the factory restore option. You don't want it downloading and installing the latest software.

    I just went through this process a couple months ago. My ATV 2 was running 5.0.2 jail broken (untethered) so this made it especially valuable. Using Season Pass it was easy to save my blobs and then let it do the restore and jailbreak for me. The hardest part was finding a computer with the old iTunes (10.x is required). I actually did the restore and jailbreak process a few times to make sure everything worked and then do it one last time and leave it at the setup screen for the new owner.

    Look into season pass and see if it fits your situation. Good luck and whatever you do, be careful. You don't want it to accidentally wind up with the new OS.
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    Are "blobs" something you have to set up when you originally jail broke it, or can I generate those blobs right now with seasonpass, before I restore and re-jailbreak?

    I probably
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    Sorry, blobs may not have been the correct word. It looks like they call them signatures in this case. I did it in seasonpass right before restoring. This link has a lot of helpful information

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