ATV3 and AExpress in bridge mode

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by slimlinetonic, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Jan 19, 2013
    Hello all

    I have a problem that I hope is easy to fix. I have a router Netgear DGND3700 that the internet plugs into and that then goes via cat6 off to a netgear GS608 and that then goes off to each room in my house.

    In the lounge I have an AppleTV3 running 5.1.1 that now only works over wifi from the netgear as the ethernet is still bust for me on the last update.

    Upstairs I have another ATV3 again running 5.1.1 and the ethernet on that is not worth bothering with either. It can just see the wifi from downstairs but its not that great a signal. So I got a new Airport Express to put upstairs to boost the wifi. I have that set to bridge mode. That helped loads for the iDevices we have but the ATV3 when connected to AE just grinds to a holt.

    I can see after a long while the progress bar for a film or TV show. But it just stops there spinning. This happens both with local content and purchased content. Music seems fine both local and from iMatch.

    I dont think its the ATV as when I turn the airport express off and connect to the much weaker signal downstairs all seems fine. I could live with this but there are too many no wifi spots with out the AE and would like to maintain total home coverage

    Anybody have any ideas as to what I have done wrong?
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    CAT6 Ethernet should always be better then WiFi. I would recommend you try to eliminate as much as possible components to figure out where the problem is. Maybe run the ethernet cable directly to your router to see if you have some other cabling problem. I have 4xATV's running without any problems. 2 on Ethernet and 2 on WiFi. I have 2 WiFi Access Points in my house (TimeCapsule and Linksys). Not saying this is your problem but I did have a AE years ago that I was using to send music to a receiver and seem to be working good but one day I started to have network problems. At the time I was not sure what was going on so I just pulled it and my problem went away. Since then I got the TC so I have considered going back and playing with it but since it is 802.11G (older one) decided not to play with it. I share this with you to say maybe a setup problem but sounds like your bridge mode is correct. Good Luck.

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