ATV3 intermittent streaming problems from Mac Pro

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pullman, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Hi gurus and merry christmas

    I really hope someone can help with this. I am encountering intermittent cutting out of music and movies streamed from my mac pro to my ATV3. Here's the setup (we live in one of these tall narrow Dutch houses):

    Ground floor: ADSL modem with wifi
    1st floor: ATV3 and television
    2nd floor: iPhone and Macbook
    3rd floor: Mac Pro with all music and movies (plus occasionally the iPhone and Macbook)

    The ATV and the Mac Pro have good wifi connections. In other words, internet works perfectly on the Mac Pro and streaming rented movies from the iTunes store through the ATV both work flawlessly. What I can't figure out is why streaming from the Mac to the ATV would not work since they are both on the same network.

    I am wondering if the problem is the Sitecom Homeplug I have installed, the LN-531. This is set up as a wifi access point on the 2nd floor - with its own SSID - to extend coverage for iPhones and Macbooks on all floors. Strangely, these devices don't connect well to the main network anywhere in the house except close to where the ATV is located. Btw, I also have trouble getting a stable connection from my iPhone's Remote app to the ATV. Sometimes the phone doesn't see the ATV.

    So, could the homeplug somehow interfere with the main network?

    The Homeplug can be configured as a router instead of access point. Could that improve the connection between the Mac Pro and the ATV? Also, would configuring as a router mean it would work on the main network, as opposed to its own network/SSID? Unfortunately the Sitecom manual is really poor in explaining this so any hints on how to configure this are gratefully accepted.

    I hope I have provided enough info for someone to see what could be the problem.
    Thanks very much in advance

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