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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sdilley14, May 10, 2012.

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    I've been considering getting an ATV3 for a while now. I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues with streaming content, particularly "lag" issues. I ask because I have a PS3 that I use to stream media and I often run into lag issues with it...I'll be streaming a TV show, 2 minutes in it will freeze up for 5-10 seconds then pick back up...sometimes it happens more frequently, sometimes it will freeze up longer than 5-10 seconds, sometimes it will just drop the connection completely.

    I'm confident that Apple has this figured out and that the ATV can handle streaming media MUCH better than the PS3+******* media streaming software, but I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced similar issues. I'm so hell bent on local storage now because of this and the idea of switching to an "all wireless streaming" device makes me a little nervous. :/

    Also, another question...the AirPlay mirroring feature, do you have to have an iPad(I'm guessing 2 or higher) or iPhone 4s for this to work or can you use it with a regular iPhone 4?

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    My AppleTV is connected to my router via Ethernet, but my laptop is wireless. I've never had a problem streaming from it. But to be totally honest I don't do a whole lot of video anymore.

    As for AirPlay mirroring, it is possible on the iPad 2, but the iPhone 4 doesn't support it without jail breaking.
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    streaming from you itunes library will be seamless, very impressed with my ATV3, and no you cannon mirror you iphone 4 to your ATV3 but you can play photos, video from it via airplay to your ATV
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    Apr 28, 2009
    Wireless Streaming performance will vary A LOT depending on the quality of your router.

    It will not be seamless if you stream a large blu ray rip from your iTunes via a cheap ISP supplied router. It might take many minutes to start playing.

    It will be close to seamless if you use an Airport Extreme or comparable N router.

    It will be best of all if you can get an ethernet cable to it.
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    Mesa, AZ
    That's pretty much what I figured. I use a standrard Netgear N router. My connection speeds are consistently solid and I think I've had to manually reset it due to connectivity issues MAYBE 2 times in the last year, if that even. It has been surprisingly stable and puts out a really solid signal, all things considered. Connecting with Ethernet isn't really an option as I have a MBP and I'm moving it around a lot. I just don't know why streaming to my PS3 has always been so "hit or miss". Regardless, the ATV is only $100 so what the heck, I'll pick one up and find everything out for myself. :)

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