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    Here's a provocative assertion about the fourth-generation Apple TV: It isn't really Apple TV at all! It's a completely new product DISGUISED to resemble the quaint streaming service it's replacing. This new product will be capable of far greater things than the earlier models it is mimicking, and Apple has big, big plans for it to take them to the next level.

    If you're getting a sense of deja vu, it's because Steve Jobs took the same approach with iPhone, disguising a mobile computing platform as a cell phone and in a short time transforming the telecommunications industry.

    Am I dreaming in Technicolor? Bear me out.

    For starters, Apple want Apple TV 4 to do to the set top cable box what iPhone did to the landline: make it irrelevant.

    Apple intend to accomplish this by becoming a carrier and offering -- via Internet streaming -- the programming we now get on cable. Instead of a co-ax cable leading to a set-top box that is hard-wired to a television, our home WiFi network will "broadcast" the shows we like to our TVs (via Apple TV), our iPads, iPhones, hell, even our Apple Watches.

    We won't be watching "channels" anymore, we'll be watching apps. And we won't be forced to pay for 50 garbage apps to get the one we want.

    But wait, there's more. Though ATV4 has been carefully designed to resemble previous Apple TVs, it is a completely different product. It's a computer! And if Apple have their way, it will be the next iteration of the home computer.

    Consider ATV4's completely new specification: 64-bit A8 processor with up to 64 GB RAM running iOS operating system and compatible with iOS apps. The traditional computer's input device has been replaced by voice activation, better known as Siri. And what better output device could there be than your 60" HDTV with home theater sound?

    Agreed, ATV4 won't be your tool of choice for authoring spreadsheets, but consider "personal" applications like gaming, social media, and the combination leisure/personal communication vehicles that this new platform will help define. Apple is betting the next Facebook will exploit ATV4's nearly boundless multimedia capabilities, thus not only legitimizing but requiring ownership of ATV4 or some other iOS device to participate.

    What we have here is nothing less disruptive than the original iPhone. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing, a sleeper multimedia monster disguised as a mild-mannered Netflix streamer. Apple are hoping Samsung and other competitors continue to look the other way while they assemble and integrate the components -- hardware and software -- of a proprietary system that combines the power of the PC with the ubiquity of the TV, and establishes iOS as the de facto standard of what used to be known as personal computing. Which means that only apps approved by Apple will be available, and those apps will run on Apple hardware only, whether it be in the form of a home TV, a tablet, a smartphone, or even a Watch.

    Apple are predominant in their time like other legendary American brands were in theirs: Ford, Xerox, Edison, IBM, and a few others. Innovators all, founded and led by an obsessed visionaries, whose products defined their industries. Unlike those once-mythic ancestors, Apple has yet to be dragged down to the level of its competition. Consider how their iPhone continues to humiliate the Asian manufacturing giants.

    As over the next couple of years Apple expands its iOS platform with ATV4, and at the same time takes on the cable television industry (!), we technology buffs will, I suspect, witness the unfolding of another shape-shifting transformation of how humans interact by a company that has managed to stay feisty after they got big.
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    Input & interaction methods, content deals, internet caps/bandwidth are all significant issues with the grandiose visions as laid out.

    I'd like to stick it to Comcast/Time Warner as much the next guy, but they will *not* be going quietly into the night - WAY too much $$$ at stake.

    Speaking of content deals, I saw that PS Vue got ESPN and some other channels announced - That is by far the best of the cord cutting content situations right now.
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    It doesn't have 64GB of RAM.
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    I'll have what you're having.

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