Audacity files won't open in Roxio Sound Editor

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by khbizmail, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. khbizmail macrumors newbie

    Aug 3, 2009
    Recording my LPs using Audacity is easy enough, but I don't like the editing capabilities in the software. I run Parallels with XP and have Roxio Easy Media Creator installed with Sound Editor, which I like very much for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, when I save my Audacity files to .wav files, then open Sound Editor, try to import the .wav files saved from Audicity, Sound Editor doesn't recognize them. Yet it recognizes other .wav files. I have several choices in Audacity for saving .wav files and have tried a couple different ones with no success. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is there a better software than Audacity for converting LPs?

    Roxio (XP) lets me split tracks easily, pulls in info from Gracenote, etc. Takes very little time to do. Yesterday trying to use Audacity, it took me well over an hour to separate tracks, then I had to open the files in iTunes to identify them. iTunes would not let me burn a CD from the files, so I had to use Toast to do so. Sure wish Toast had all the good stuff from Roxio!
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    Inside iTunes ake a "playlist" with the tracks you want. Make certain the in Preferences you select audio CD as the output foormat. Then iTunes will burn an audio CD of the tracks in the playlist.

    If you have Toast maybe you have "Spin Doctor". It is afree program bundled with Toast specially written for ripping Vinyl.

    Looks like if it did not come bundled you can buy it

    If you need to edit or record audio on a MAc Garage Band works well too but may be more complex than you need.

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