Audacity & Rosetta Compatibility issues?


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May 7, 2006
I have downloaded audacity, but it is not running very properly. It isn't a Universal Binary application, so it runs through Rosetta, but freezes constantly. Since Audacity is an OpenSource application, does anybody know how to create a Universal Binary edition so it can run much smoother?


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
It really depends on how Audacity was programmed. Since it's a multi-platform app, in principle, it might not be that hard, especially if it's already being built in XCode for Macs. But... I think it's one of those, "if you have to ask how hard it would be, it is probably beyond your technical capabilities" things. :(

What I would do is get an account on the Audacity board and post a request. I think I saw one there already, but let the team know there is interest. Their failure to do so already may have to do with one of many reasons: (a) No access to beta testers with Intel Macs (i.e. YOU! ;) ), (b) no time, (c) use of libraries that cannot easily be re-compiled for a variety of technical reasons. If it's (c), you're probably SOL for a while. If it's (a) or (b), well, if they know there's a desire out there...