Audio drop out when using Mac the Ripper

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  1. osroubek macrumors newbie

    Feb 18, 2004
    I have been experiencing very frequent audio drop outs scattered throughout movies that last 3-4 sec each time. I'm using the latest version of Mac the Ripper to extract the movie then Handbrake to make it ready for my iPhone. using OS X 10.4.2. The problem is on the MPEG4 that is created by Mac the Ripper. It happens with DVD's that are copy protected or not protected. When protected, I am using the correct setting for my region (usually RCE1). Examples include 'Old School', Bruce Willis 'Die Hard'(latest release), 'American Gangster' etc. Last year using the same setup I ripped Casino Royale which I heard was a difficult movie to extract. No problems with that one. I have a G5 Power Mac (about 4 years old) Cannot tell if this is a problem with copy protection or the disc drive malfunctioning. I have no problems watching DVD's if I do so once in a while. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I didn't like Mac The Ripper for several reasons and that happens to be one of them. I've been using HandBrake to rip my DVDs and MPEG Streamline for some of those avi.files and HandBrake allows the adjustment of the volume and it remains constant throughout the ripping process. Give it a shot, also it's Freeware...:cool:

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