Audio editor for cutting, looping, and mixing pre-recorded music.

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by pukrnukr, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Dec 16, 2010
    I'm posting this for my girlfriend who's looking for a better program than audacity. It doesn't matter if it's free or a paid application. She basically needs a program which lets her cut and mix pre-recorded music for dance classes and shows. She's not looking to make beats or new music. I've been helping her search through some of the options like sony sound forge, adobe audition, logic, and then some dj applications but don't really know what's the best and easiest without trying all the demos or buying the applications. Her basic needs is to take music that's already recorded and cut out or loop parts of songs to shorten and/or extend them. She also sometimes needs to mix in a second or third track for some of her hip hop classes. She usually uses songs with the same tempo or beat so I don't know if she definitely needs dj software that does that for her but it may help or open up some new possibilities for her. When she's done doing that she needs to be able to record, save and export the file back to a .wav or mp3 so she can play it during her class. I know there is a ton of different dj software that helps with mixing but wasn't sure if it all records to play at a later date or not.

    Audacity does work but just looking for something better. More refined and easier to use once you learn the program. She likes to cut out certain verses of songs at times to shorten them for some of the younger kids so the dances are not as long. She is able to do it with audacity but sometimes you can tell that something was cut out because when the chorus comes back in, sometimes she's a quarter of a second off of where the music should be starting again. Hopefully this makes sense! She's hoping there's an application that will more easily be able to correct this problem.

    She'll be working on a macbook pro (10.8.2) with an intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz , nvidia graphics, and 8 gigs of ram. It's not the newest but for the most part it seems like it will run most new software just maybe not as fast as a new computer. Let me know what you use or what could help her. Thanks!!
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    I use Fission, it's a little bit like Audacity, but it works much more seamless. I have used it for like five years now. It will do everything much better, and you can add tracks really easily too. It's really easy to precisely cut out stuff too.
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    I'm also interested in this. The tips so far seems quite complex apps for just mixing music.

    I want a *simple* solution. Like this, but for Mac OS X:

    - I want to put one sound (eg rain) in a continous loop at track 1.
    - Thunder in track 2, to play when I want.
    - Approaching car in track 3.
    ...and so on.

    Simple and elegant. Is there such an app?

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