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    Feb 3, 2005
    I posted something similar to this in another forum, but I thought I would ask here since this is a GarageBand forum.

    I am working on a “Wish List” for the church I work for. (I am the Multi-Media coordinator) As part of my list, I want to include a mobile recording system. Basically, a laptop that can record live audio and do occasioanl presentations. Being that it would only be recording what is coming out of a mixer or just a single mic, I don’t need anything top notch. I was thinking of an iBook with an Digi Mbox. I probably woulnd't use the ProTools that comes with it since its export function is in real time. I want to be able to record a whole Church service, but then select just the sermon and export it to put it on our webpage. If I have to listen to the whole thing like i do with ProTools, that isnt a very attractive option. Is quick export an option?
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    in protools, you can export just the file and its not "real-time".
    you only have to bounce in real time if you are using any plug-ins.

    so if u record a sermon, select the area (or region) that you want exported.
    then, from the "audio-bin pull-down menu", select "export selected as files"
    and voila! exporting without realtime!

    or just use logic audio.
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    Interesting. I did't know that. THey never bothered to teach us that little function. lol
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    Feb 3, 2005
    I already stated that at the beginning of this thread. THe other thread was in reguards to the iBook being able to handle audio recording. THis one is specifically about GarageBand's export options.
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    Any kind of realtime processing will cause realtiime or slower export in audio recorders.

    You can also simply ensure you record in 16-bit aiff and grab the file out of the "audiofiles" folder of the project, drop them into iTunes and convert them to MP3 or whatever you use for your website.

    There is no need to suffer realtime bouncing for uneffected audio.

    Remember to consolidate any edited audio regions and name them with a name you recognise.

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