audio iChat won't work w/wireless Netgear router! Help!


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Feb 1, 2005
Hey Everyone,

This is my first post at Macrumors. I got a Netgear WBGR614v5 wireless router for my G4 tower so I can use my new iBook wirelessly. Everything works cool except I cannot use audio iChat. When ever I try it I get a reply that the person I'm ringing "did not respond, open iChat's connection doctor for more info".

Can anyone help me get set up with proper IP addresses and port openings or closings? I think it may have something to do with the router firewall? If anyone has this router or any ideas I'd really appreciate your help.

Specs: Tower: G4 OS 10.3.7, 1.25 GHz, 768 MB DDR SDRAM
iBook: G4 OS 10.3.7, 1.07 GHz, 256 RAM



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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
I don't have your specific router, so I can't provide detailed info, but I believe you need to forward the iChat ports (5060, 5190, 5297, 5298, 5353, 5678, 16384-16403 by default) to a specific IP address (that of your Mac) in order to get it to work correctly.

Edit: try looking here for more port info.

Also, getting it to work with more than one computer in a home intranet (meaning being able to chat with someone not on the intranet) is something I've not managed to do (haven't really tried all that hard, though) - I set up one system as the iChat one for the outside world. Presumably, it's trivial to use many (via Rendezvous?) - I just haven't been able to do so.


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Mar 23, 2004
Eugene, OR
Thanks For The Suggestions


Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it a shot.



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Dec 7, 2006
audio iChat crashes with Netgear Router...

A while ago I diagnosed a terribly nasty problem with iChat crashing on a netgear wi-fi router/adsl modem DG834G...

I had to use a kernel system call dump "kdump" for finding a hint on why iChat crashed when starting. It crashed as it was contacting the router for UPnP information, that is a sort of Universal Plug and Pray by Microsoft.

The response of the router caused iChat to die. I have no idea of whether netgear goofs in their UPnP implementation or Apple, yes Apple certainly goofed in their UPnP client implementation (which should certainly not die receiving an illegal response) and maybe even Microsoft goofed with a terrible job specifying the protocols.

The good news is: You can simply fix the problem by turning UPnP off on the router configuration page.

The bad news is: How in the hell - should a normal person be able to diagnose such a problem?


PS: An RPC and an active message are both mechanisms to generate remote core dumps :) This remark is most directed at those that abuse them, not at those that invented them.
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