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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by 100Years, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. 100Years macrumors regular

    Mar 8, 2011
    Hi all,

    I have been setting up my Mac Pro (5,1, Lion 10.7.2) to do some audio recording work, and noticed something odd with the Audio/Midi Setup utility program.

    I set up my built-in audio output to use 24-bit, 96KHz. Everything thing works great; unless I have to reboot the machine. Upon every reboot, I notice that the value gets reset to 24-bit, 44.1KHz.

    Is this a know bug or something? Is there another reason why this would happen?

    I have Windows 7 installed on another drive. When I set up the audio device in Windows Control Panel, the settings remain preserved even after reboot; thus, I do not believe this is a hardware problem...

    Anyway, any insight would be appreciated.

  2. bwhli macrumors 6502a


    Jan 9, 2012
    Boston, MA
    What recording interface are you using? If your interface does not support 96/24, then that's why it's probably resetting.
  3. 100Years thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 8, 2011
    Well, Google shows me that others have had this problem with Lion too. Looks like I'll need to go back to Snow Leopard to get some files that apparantly Lion "broke".
  4. 100Years thread starter macrumors regular

    Mar 8, 2011
    Sure enough, that did the trick -- a few audio pList files from SL to overwrite the Lion ones, and everything works perfect now.
  5. karsten macrumors 6502a


    Sep 3, 2010
    sorry to revive an old thread but what files did you have to replace? any chance you can send them to me? i don't have a SL installation and i'm having the same problem. thanks:)

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