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  1. Bierzeit, Jul 31, 2012
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    Bierzeit macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2012
    I am having a problem, quite opposite to what most of what I've read about Mac audio port issues online, concerning my audio-out port. I'm running an Intel Imac, 7,1, running OS 10.5.8. The specs do specify the audio port on this mac is dual; analog and digital output. Everything I've read to date relates to the red optical light being stuck on coming out of the audio port. My issue is that I CANNOT, and I emphasize that, get the red light to come on and thus use my optical cable (the cable works on other equipment) and connect it to my AV receiver. I have never in the past even thought about using an optical cable so it never was an issue. In fact I never knew the port was dual. The external speaker and headphones work fine and the audio panel in the preference pane reflects that; either says 'internal speakers' or 'headphones' automatically when engaging/disengaging audio phone jack. When I put in my toslink (optical) cable, the panel goes to 'headphones' instead of 'optical out' or 'digital out'. There is never a provision to click on digital out on either the sound panel or the midi setup panel. I've tried everything I can click on at both panels. Audio Output in midi setup says 'master stream' (always greyed out) and Source- either 'headphones' or 'internal speakers'. The default and system output drop downs never give me a 'digital' or 'optical' option. Everything works fine except that I cannot get the red light to shine and cannot get digital out at all. Any ideas? Maybe something in terminal or in openfirmware screen? In short, I cannot get digital output on my Mac.Thanks.
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    Did you select the speakers in system Preferences-Sound, Output panel?
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    Jul 31, 2012
    The sound output panel reflects 'internal speakers' (which work fine) when nothing is plugged into the output jack, 'headphones' (which work fine) when I have my headphones plugged into the output port -OR- my toslink adapter. When plugging in the toslink adapter, 'digital in' should automatically show. There is never in any case an option to click on digital in b/c it's never there; ie, there is no digital audio signal. The adapter and the optical cable work fine when connected to other devices. In short, there is never anything that says 'digital' to click on.
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    Jul 31, 2012
    ..So what I'm trying to do is simply to get digital out from my Imac.
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    I assume you are using the mini Toslink plug, the 3.5mm one? I am using optical out from my iMac to my sound system without issue. I have had problems using toslink adapters before so prefer the cables with standard toslink plug one end to mini toslink the other.
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    Jul 31, 2012
    Yes, I am using the toslink mini plug adapter. The thought maybe the adapter itself is bad came to mind yesterday. I am going to try the adapter itself on another machine. I know the optical cable itself is good. Also, do I have to have digital media running in the mac, say a dvd, to get an optical signal out?

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