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    I've seen a lot of people asking about note-taking apps or voice recorders, but nothing exactly like this. I just need a simple (free or paid) audio recording app that can pick up not only a nearby voice but also, say, lectures and discussions from across a smallish classroom. I would prefer that it be able to save the recordings in MP3 format. I've seen a few like this in the app store, but most of them are paid and I'd like to get people's input before shelling out $15 for an app. Thanks!



    P.S. This would be for Macbook Pro Lion.
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    Need mp3 format

    I just tried Audionote, and it doesn't let you save audio files in mp3 format. I really don't care about the note-taking feature, I just need something that can reliably record voices at a reasonable distance and produces files that can be burned onto a CD. Thanks!
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    Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but Audacity is free and can export to MP3 with the LAME plugin.

    Now, Audacity is a fully fledged audio editor but it may just as well be used for simple recording.
    The only downside is that the UI leaves a lot to be wished for.

    You can also use effects like compressor and eq in Audacity to get the most out of your recordings. But again, the UI isn't the best and you need to know how to work a compressor since it doesn't come with any presets IIRC.
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    MP3 formatting Audionote

    I use audionote since for me its easier to go to a specific time to read and i can put my pdf files in it. Get the Lite version (the free one) of Total Video Converter. It changes a lot of different formats to whichever format you'd like. MP3 is one of the options and will also tell you the format you need if its a CD, Ipod, etc. :) Hopefully that helps :)

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