Audio Settings in Plex on ATV2

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Blazer5913, May 24, 2011.

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    Jan 20, 2004
    So I just jailbroke and installed Plex on my week old ATV2 last night (had to wait for my Monoprice MicroUSB to come in first) and all I can say is WOW. I mean, I have an older MacBook Pro currently as a media center that stutters and stalls with plex and anything HD it seems like, 720 or 1080 regardless. But using that as my "server" and streaming it to my AppleTV, playback couldn't be more flawless, and the thing is SILENT compared to the Jet Engines that come from the MacBook Pro even at IDLE times (no idea haha). Anyways, I am just wondering what audio settings I should be using within ATV2 and PLEX. I have a Sony CT150 receiver ( soundbar:dg_hav_gglsrch), which I input my ATV2 into via HDMI and output to my Samsung Plasma also via HDMI. Currently, I have in the ATV2 menu for Dolby Digital set to AUTO, but as far as setting Dolby DTS and AAC options in PLEX, I am unsure based on my receiver? On my receiver, it will either display audio as LPCM 2.0CH or DD 5.1 channel. Obviously, I would want the DD 5.1 correct? Basically, just given my ATV and Sony CT150 receiver, what would you guys recommend as far as optimum audio settings are concerned. I appreciate the help, audio is not my strongsuit haha. Thanks, and again, to ANYBODY who is even remotely interested in Plex on the ATV2, DO IT! Such an easy jailbreak and installation. Way worth it!
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    if it's older, and off applecare, and you're a bit technically minded, and you're feeling adventurous...
    (or if you're not, find a friend who is, and it'll cost you a 6 pack)
    (or just take it to an apple store, and it will cost you a bit more)

    chances are, the fans are just clogged up.
    follow the guide on ifixit for changing your fans, once you pull your fan out, there is a metal grill at the output of the fan, pull the mat of dust off that, and your computer will run much cooler. i normally do mine every 6-12 months, and will pull sometimes 1/4 inch of dust off parts of it.
    plus a good shot of canned air all around probably wouldn't hurt.

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