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Jul 15, 2020
I have a MBA 2020 i5 and an LG 27UL850. I actually had the same issue on a different monitor (an Asus) although the audio delay was slightly shorter. It makes me think this is a monitor issue but wanted to ask if anyone else experiences this.

I connect the MBA with the monitor via USB-C and the MBA is in clamshell mode. It is powered.

I've noticed that when loading a YouTube video I will lose the first couple of seconds of audio before sound "wakes up". On my other monitor it was just around half a second but still not ideal. What it also means is that I basically don't get any kind of OS notification sounds because the sound is over before audio wakes up.

I had this previously on Mint Linux and I had to make a sound driver modification to stop the OS from putting audio devices to sleep. It feels like a similar issue - either the monitor or the OS is putting the audio to sleep to save power and it takes a couple of seconds for the audio to wake.

Does anyone else have the same issue and is there a solution?



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Sep 8, 2009
I have the same problem with my 2020 MBA. Its at its most annoying when I miss an email or DM notification ping.

Have you had any luck figuring it out? I didn't't have this issue with my 2016 MBP.

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