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Discussion in 'iPod' started by DougJrS, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Good evening all,

    When listening to an audiobook on my iPod I have the option of playing the book "slower", "Normal", or "faster." This option is in the Settings -> Audiobooks menu. Does the same option live somewhere in iTunes? When I am working on the computer I stil want to listen to my audiobooks, but I want them to play faster via iTunes.

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    Audiobook Speed in iTunes

    Has anyone found an answer to Doug's question? I am new to iTunes (just received an iPod touch as a gift) and love the ability to speed up audiobooks on the iPod. But I too am wanting to do the same within the iTunes client on a windows PC. I know how to do this in Windows Media Player (Ctrl-Shift-G).

    Is "Audiobook Speed--> Faster" only available on an iPod and not within iTunes?

    I am using version of iTunes on Vista.


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    Speed up Audiobooks in iTunes

    This is crazy but you can only speed them up while using QuickTime.

    In iTunes, highlight the audiobook, right click and choose Show in Finder.
    Right click on the file and choose Open With > QuickTime Player
    Choose Window > Show A/V Controls and you'll see a playback speed slider.

    I agree that I hate this lack of native functionality in iTunes. I use ratings to manage podcasts (which I convert to AAC to listen at high speed) so to listen in one app then have to switch to the other app to rate seems crazy. Normally, I listen on my iPod just because it is easier.

    To read about my process for converting podcasts, audiobooks and using ratings to manage them, see the following blog posts:

    Manage Podcasts with Star Ratings
    Converting Podcasts with QuickConvert
    Audiobook Builder a Best iTunes Add-in

    See also: The Ultimate Audiobook/Podcast Player
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    Feb 15, 2011
    Not that I know of. I still have to try this other guy's suggestion though. But what I do know is that you may enable the options for Remember playback position and Skip when shuffling. These settings are enabled by default for audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store and allow you to resume listening to your audiobooks where you left off either in iTunes or on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Further, this playback position will be synced between all devices that are automatically syncing with your iTunes library, allowing you to begin listening to your audiobook on your iPod, for example, then pick up where you left off on your computer after syncing your iPod.

    Anyways, in case you want to find more audio books, visit download audio books free and you even get a chance to get a free audio book!
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    Make Audiobooks faster with Quicktime

    It does indeed work to open an iTunes file in Quicktime and listen to it in faster playback speed, even much faster than on an iPod. When I tried it on my Mac it was slightly different than waxwing1's directions. Right-click on the file (audiobook) choose Open With > QuickTime Player and the Quicktime box appears, but I could not see the A/V controls from the Window menu. Instead I just clicked on play and then each time I clicked on the fast-forward button the track would speed up. There seem to be 3 speed settings. The highest is almost too fast to follow.

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