Resolved audiobooks won't sync to iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Insulin Junkie, Apr 26, 2012.

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    RESOLVED. Wow, most unintuitive solution ever.
    Link to the thread offering the resolution:

    I'm having a problem, something tells me it's something very obvious that I've just missed and someone will give me a simple answer within 2 minutes (or well, that's what I'm hoping for ;-)) however..

    I recently purchased two audiobooks off iTunes. Sync'd my iPod classic, and sure enough, the new audiobooks show up, play perfectly, etc. However, when I try to sync them to the iPad, it just doesn't work. I even put them in a seperate playlist and set the music sync to only sync that playlist.. only to find out the playlist with those two items doesn't show up on the iPad sync page (it does show up as a regular iTunes playlist though). I can not for the life of me get those audiobooks to show up in any way, shape or form what concerns my iPad. I'd dropbox 'em, but they're protected. Ugh.

    Tried troubleshooting online (for 2 minutes, I'll admit it) and I'm stumped. Ironically I BOUGHT those audiobooks so I could listen to them on the iPad predominantly, taking a trip abroad soon and will only be taking my iPad which is when I planned to listen to those books so yeah, I'm a tad frustrated atm. What's going on?

    / lengthy post.

    EDIT: Also just realised this may not have been the optimal subforum to post this in. Ah well.

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