Audioengine A5 Review


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Nov 1, 2005
Orlando/Miami, FL
Just thought I'd throw up a quick review now that the pair has broken in some for anyone considering these speakers. I know they seem to be a popular choice here.

Two things to keep in mind before reading: 1) These are still bookshelves, they aren't going to have the soundstage or low-end of big floor-standers. 2) Go elsewhere if you like big boomy bass.

Setup: iTunes --> Toslink out --> Beresford DAC --> RCA analog out -->RCA to 3.5mm adapter.

With that said, I think these little speakers are fantastic for the price. They are a little harsh initially but given proper break in time, they become nice and neutral with silky highs and some full, powerful lows.

The highs are fairly self explanatory, detailed but not too harsh, no complaints there. The low end is about what you would expect from quality monitors of this size. Bass lines in everything from Kind of Blue to Rage against the Machine are faithfully reproduced though detail is not going to be at the same level compared to pro-monitors or more expensive hifi options. Overall they are still very punchy and satisfying for the size and price. If your into rap or metal though, you may be left wanting more bass.

On the whole, detail is very good compared to every "multimedia" speaker I've listened to. Like I said earlier, they are not a pro monitor, and I probably wouldn't want to mix on them, but they certainly aren't slackers. They really sing with lossless albums and will handle compressed mp3's without to much fuss either though you will hear the quality differences. Once you hear the difference though, you will be hooked on lossless rips for sure if you haven't heard good recording on a good sound-system before.

Soundstage and Imagining are also very impressive considering the size of the speakers and the location I have them in. Turn off the music enhancer in iTunes, turn on a good live recording, and you will be able to pick out each instrument fairly easy. I was able to easily pick out how the engineer mixed in the keyboard solo during Two Step off the Central Park Concert in comparison to the rest of the instruments on the stage.

Build quality is very good, they have plenty of weight and feel very solid. They are also incredibly easy to setup, took me all of 5 minutes to get up and running. A big plus for a college student who moves around fairly often.

I feel that these are a great step-up for anyone really interested in getting into some good sound, simply, for a good price. Highly Recommended.

Picture of them setup on my desk, I can take more pictures if any one wants.



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Jan 14, 2006
New York City
I'm deciding on these or the M-Audio AV40's. Are the Audioengines really worth twice the price of the M-Audio's?

I'd be using them as bookshelf speakers for my studio apartment. I listen to a variety of music styles but a good portion of my library is electronic music.


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Mar 24, 2005
I've owned both and the Audioengines are worth the price. You get a free 30 day in home trial. If you don't like em you can send them back.


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Nov 5, 2007
Props to Audioengine. I have the A2 version and they're amazing already. I can't imagine how much better the A5 would be!