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    Paul Graham

    Jan 22, 2011
    Plymouth UK
    Well I took a look and haven't found anything. Either that or am being stupidly dumb lol.:eek:

    Anyway, Ive noticed at least afew of you on here are into your hifi/audiophile gear so thought we could have a thread to list our equipement. ( Will start a pics thread once I get my own place again and get this all out of storage lol )

    Next post is my gear list...
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    Paul Graham

    Jan 22, 2011
    Plymouth UK
    Headphone Inventory

    Cans -

    Grado Labs SR60i with HD414 pads
    Grado Labs iGrado
    Beyerdynamic DT 531 ( Toxic Cables recable soon )
    Beyerdynamic DT 311 with Neutric interconnect
    Sennheiser HD400 600 ohm with Viablue T6s interconnect ( 1980's version )
    Sennheiser HD25 1 II Adidas Originals ( Toxic Cables recable soon )
    Sennheiser RS130 Wifi ( DIY recable soon )
    Sennheiser HD215 DJ Pro with Monster Cables recable
    Sennheiser HD218 with DIY recable & Rean interconnect
    Sony MDR V700DJ

    IEM's -

    Westone UM1 Corsa Team Edition
    Sennheiser IE8 with Toxic Cables "Silver Poison" recable
    Sennheiser CX95
    Pioneer SE-CL24-T
    SoundMagic MP21

    Coming in 2013...

    Beyerdynamic Tesla T70
    Beyerdynamic Tesla T50p
    Sennheiser HD600

    Headphone Amp Inventory

    Solid State -

    Audio Technica AT-HA20
    Pro-Ject Headbox II
    Chu Moy "Burr Brown" Opamp2227
    TCG Audio T-Box
    Fiio E17 Alpen
    Fiio E11

    Coming soon...
    Sony PHA-1, Fostex HP-P1 or CLAS
    iBasso PB2 Pelican or an ALO to match the CLAS
    Schiit Audio Valhalla or Magni

    Source Inventory

    Desktop -

    Sony S1 Tablet running Pro Amp
    Blackberry Playbook 16gb
    iMac 2007 running Audirvana plus
    iBook G4
    Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

    Portable -

    Aiwa PX-487 Slim Cassette Walkman
    Sony Vaio VGF-AP1L 40gb DAP
    iPod Classic 160gb 7th gen
    iPod Nano 4gb 3rd gen
    iPhone 4S 16gb
    iPhone 3Gs 32gb White Edition
    iPod Touch 8gb 1st gen
    Sony MZ-N707 NetMD Walkman
    Onda 8gb DAP
    iPod Shuffle Clone 1gb

    Wishlist -

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
    iPad 2
    Sony NWZ-Z1060

    Cable Inventory

    Toxic Cables "Silver Poison" recable for Sennheiser ie8's.
    Mogami Quad recable for HD25's
    EACE custom recable for DT 531's
    Affinity Cables Mundorf Gold LOD
    EACE SIV-11 "Silver Leopard" LOD
    Nordost "Odin" jack to jack
    Milian Acoustics 3.5 jack to jack mini
    iBasso Silver/Copper LOD
    Palics Pure Silver LOD
    Palics Pure Silver jack to jack
    Palics Jack to jack bundled with T-Box
    Yongsheng 73 ohm Female 3.5 jack to male 3.5 jack
    Fiio L9
    Fiio L3

    Other Interconnects & Cables -

    Cambridge Audio
    Mr Lo
    Gale Symphony
    Rockford Fosgate

    Power-Related Components

    After doing some research Ive found an company online in London who do relatively well priced power solutions
    suitable to me budget.

    I'll be making a start with the wall socket and mains hubs.
    Then I'll start replacing my power cables gradually.
    Once im done with the above Ill be replacing all my walmart etc wall plugs with decent psu's!

    Other Audio Equipment

    Pioneer BDP-51FD - Bluray
    Cambridge Audio Azur 640A - Amp
    Cambridge Audio Azur 540C - Cdp
    Cambridge Audio Sirocco S80 - Sub
    Cambridge Audio Minx min10 - Sat
    Teac V-1050 - Td
    Technics SL BD22 - TT
    Denon PMA250 - Amp
    Denon UCD F07 - Cdp
    Denon AVR1509 - Rec
    Sony STR DG500 - Rec
    Logitech Z5500 - Hts
    Technics SL-PS670D - Cdp
    Technics SJ-MD150 - Mdr
    Technics RS-TR373 -Td
    Sony ST-V502 -Tun
    Sony DVP-NS30 -Dvd
    Pioneer DV-525 -Dvd

    Monitor Audio Bronze BR2
    Roth Oli II
    Celestion 3
    Heybrook HB5

    2x Technics SL1200 mkII
    1x Technics SL 1210 m3d
    Vestax PMC 25
    Vestax PCV 125
    M-Audio Torq
    M-Audio Conectiv
    M-Audio Axiom 49
    Ibanez Guitar
    Tanglewood amp
    Fostex 32 band geq/crossover balanced
    2x 1000watt rackmount poweramps
    Ortofon Concorde carts
    Stanton AL500Pro carts
    Stanton Trackmaster II carts
  3. NickZac macrumors 68000


    Dec 11, 2010
    Pioneer Elite VSX-91
    Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO 50in
    Sharp Aquos 32 1080p (non LED IIRC)
    Panasonic 42 inch Plasma from 1999 (still pretty bright and used daily)
    Toshiba 36 (IIRC) inch LCD (older 720/non LED)
    Samsung 55 inc (IIRC) LED backlit LCD 1080p
    A few misc brand 20-30 inch LCDs w/ built in DVD players
    Def Tech 5.1 set-up w/ 12 inch powered floor standing speakers, non-powered center and rears
    Def Tech Supercube II
    Niles In wall speakers (front and rear), non-in wall center
    Onkoyo THX Receiver (not all that impressive IMO)
    Oppo Blu Ray
    Oppo Upscaling DVD player
    PS3 (2)
    Panamax Power systems (the cheapest one for $200)-got 2 or 3
    Older Marantz Upscaling Progressive Scan DVD player (sucks compared to the Oppo, which costs a 1/7th of the price)

    I'm sure I am missing a lot but nothing, other than the Kuro, is all that high end of special. The Kuro however, is a masterpiece and the finest of all TVs. My dad's business partner however has some very, very interesting things. He has the:

    -60 inch Kuro
    -ORIGINAL Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus (he dropped about $75Gs on them)
    This--> Nautilus.jpg
    -Krell Evolution Series amp, processor/preamp (about $50 grand for the 3 and accessories)
    And he has it all in a special room built for the purpose of sound...he likes his music hifi:cool:

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