Augmented Reality - could Apple pull it off?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Ezrec, Jan 4, 2011.

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    I have some interest in Augmented Reality, and after some watercooler discussions, I came up with a short list of features and 'killer apps' for a hypothetical Apple iGlasses device that (a) uses technology available now and (b) provides a number of features that no other product could deliver.

    The full technical details are here:

    Short list of features that the proposed 'iGlasses' platform could do:

    Mood Snaps - "Never miss another moment"

    The iGlasses would take a 3D video of the last 15 seconds (adjustable) and
    following 10 seconds when a 'mood inflection' is sensed. Rapid change in
    hear rate, changes in vocal stress, very loud noises, changes in skin
    temperature, etc would be used to compute an 'inflection' point. Users
    could edit and post these automatically snapped videos at their leisure,
    or individuals in high risk occupations could have them automatically uploaded
    to a private location.

    I would expect this to be the primary driver behind most sales in the first year

    Optometrist App - "Your prescription is always correct"
    In fully reflective mode, the iGlasses paints the incoming camera image
    on the inside of the glasses, and uses the dynamic focusing to automatically
    correct for the user's nearsighted or farsightedness. For most users with
    mild correctable vision, they would not need to wear their prescription
    glasses nor contact lenses while wearing the iGlasses.

    Hyperreal 3D - "Be There"
    This feature destroys the 3D television market. By using the laser projected
    3D with dynamic focus, the most vivid and comfortable to the eye 3D projection
    is possible. Combined with 'fully 3D' machinama technologies and the head mounted
    accelerometers, the user can now 'look around' during 3D movies, for a truly
    immersive experience. (And a new raft of headaches for the Hollywood editing room!)

    AR Anywhere
    The feature that will grow the slowest, but be the real driver of sales after
    the first year. Augmented Reality video games; 'pop up' labelling of stores,
    products, (people in bars!); an arbitrarily infinite number of virtual
    monitors for the workplace; and even more are possible. Huge opportunities
    for work and play applications, that are impossible for any other platform.
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    I second this.
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