HomeKit August smart lock - which of these deadbolts is best?

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  1. whitedragon101 macrumors 65816

    Sep 11, 2008
    I live in the UK but want to buy the August Homekit smart lock so need to get a USA style deadbolt to use the system. Can any USA readers have a look at this list and recommend which would be the most secure option to go with. (I thought the Kwikset 980 as its grade 1 and top on homedepot most popular but I just watched a video of a locksmith slamming Kwikset. He recommended Schlage but their deadbolt has a scary Prop65 warning about poisonous chemicals, chancer etc eeek https://www.schlage.com/en/home/products/B60GRWFFF.html ).

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    Oct 30, 2015
    I think you’ll find the warning relates to keys, which contain lead, which the Schlage Sense is designed to allow you to avoid using.
  3. Capeto macrumors regular


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    Everything in the state of California has that Proposition 65 warning - including coffee. Honestly, I would just ignore that.
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    Jul 23, 2002
    That's been around for 30 years. The original intent was to warn people about toxic chemicals that may be in use - but it also allowed opportunistic lawsuits for businesses that failed to post adequate warnings. You are seeing more of this because the law was amended a couple months ago and retailers are being overcautious.

    In California, if you want to avoid places that have these warnings, you cannot go anywhere: literally everyplace outside your door has these warnings posted.

    It's our local equivalent of the EU cookie warnings. :)
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    Feb 6, 2009
    If not too late, I would take a pass on the August hardware. I just found it way unreliable with massive lags or outright disconnects between the physical lock and the keypad. Eventually, we just used the deadbolt key more often then dealing with the hassle of entering the code and failing multiple times.

    That being said, I liked the conceptual user experience of August and the app. So I decided I would give the Yale + August combination that was just announced a chance (https://www.yalehome.com/en/yale/yalehome/residential/yale-real-living/assure-lock/connect-august/). Remember the parent of Yale (ASSA ABLOY) bought August.

    I got the one with the keypad and traditional key, but if you are really nervous about your lock being picked, you could get just the keypad variation.

    This combination has proven to be way more reliable than the August hardware alone, while allowing me to use the same August interface. Clearly, the keypad having a physical connection to the deadbolt greatly improves reliability and greatly cuts down on frustration. Also, I have found the proximity function (e.g., approach your door and it auto-unlocks) is way improved.

    On the downside, the calibration is a bit funky as my door jam is shallow and the bolt doesn't always extend fully, leading to false unlock states in the app (even though the door physically is locked). I'm going to shave away at some metal protrusions in the door frame once I get the right Dremel bits in the next couple of days, which I suspect will resolve that.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

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