Aussie iPhone, iPad users held to ransom in widespread hacks

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Dave.UK, May 27, 2014.

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    Owners of Apple devices across Australia are having them digitally held for ransom by hackers demanding payment before they will relinquish control.

    iPads, iPhone and Mac owners in Queensland, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria have reported having their devices held hostage.

    One iPhone user, a Fairfax Media employee in Sydney, said she was awoken at 4am on Tuesday to a loud “lost phone” message that said “Oleg Pliss” had hacked their phone. She was instructed to send $50 to a PayPal account to have it unlocked.

    It is likely hackers are using the unusual name as a front to get money from people. A real Oleg Pliss is a software engineer at tech company Oracle. A similar name is listed on LInkedIn as a banking professional in Ukraine, while there are others in Russia.

    Affected users in Australia have been discussing the issue on Apple’s own support forum.


    Surprised this hasnt been mentioned in the discussion section yet.
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