Australia -My unlocked iPhone on Three is Faster

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by needthephone, Aug 15, 2008.

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    From my experience the iPhones's speed and reception issues are carrier dependant.

    I have unlocked my iPhone from optus and am using my Three sim now.

    Have to say I was very dissapointed with my
    Iphone speed and tried some speed tests using testmyiphone and the various speed apps.

    Then after two weeks my unlocking request came through and it was easy to get going on Three.

    Did the speed tests again and was Amazed at the results.
    Web pages are now instantly loaded whereas with optus it was ok but not that quick to load.

    My results for what they are worth

    Using testmyiphone and speedtest app
    Optus 0.4 Mbps max ever recorded
    Three 1.4 Mbps

    This is the same iPhone.

    I am not am expert but how can optus blame apple if it is almost 4 times faster on three?

    I tried google maps with gps and with optus I was usually driving through buildings or trees with three I could zoom in and could see I was inch perfect with road markings! Guess the maps can catch up with the gps now.goes to show there is nothing wrong with the gps and it's good enough for turn by turn.
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    Sorry posted from my iPhone but I can't scroll down to get to the stray optus at the bottom of the post!
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    That's amazing, if only we could do that in the U.S.A even though it woudn't matter since T-Mobile's 3G coverage is a joke.:D

    Honestly I just can't wait until we can unlock our phones, I hope it gets done by the time I go to Colombia in December.

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