Australian IMAC G5 Applecare Repair delays


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Apr 29, 2005
Hello All,

Bought my Imac G5 17 inch from David Jones in Oct or Novemeber last year (Revision A), working perfectly for months up until about 2 weeks ago, constant kernel panics and crashing, and now it wont boot up. All RAM put in including original apple RAM and working Apple Compatible Third Party is listed as faulty under apple hardware test, and now finally Apple Hardware Test doesnt startup.

Bought Applecare the other day as thought it may be handy, called them got a case number and a repair service called to say they are picking up the machine. Apple says it needs a new logic board. The repairer says there is a delay, a few of the imacs in for repair have been waiting 5 weeks for a logic board abnd therefore I most likely will be as well. Talk about slow.

This is my primary mac machine, I have a PC but dont want to be using this in the meantime. Is 5 weeks considered the norm and/or acceptable or is it worth escalating the matter. Especially after paying extra for Applecare and then being told it will take 5 weeks to fix.

Id like some opinions.




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Jun 14, 2005
5 weeks is NOT normal... that is a significant delay. I would say 1 week would be acceptable. Apple really need to pull their finger out. This iMac problem is now beyond a joke.