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    Mar 1, 2006
    Hey All
    I am a teen living in Australia that has been desperately wanting an iPhone since January this year. I have held out up to this point, waiting for the iPhone to be released in Australia, or updated. However recent rumors are suggesting a release date of May for a new updated 3G iPhone and this would probably be the Australian release date too. I am wondering what you guys, the all knowing MacRumors genius's lol, would do. Would u wait until May and buy an iPhone then, that may be potentially locked, or would you buy it now from eBay etc.

    Take into account that because I am only in my teens I probably would not commit to an expensive 24 month contract so would try to buy the phone unlocked/unlock it and I would also probably not commit to an expensive data plan, mainly using Wi-Fi, so the 3G may not be an issue. I am mainly hoping for a storage/camera/gps upgrade.

    Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated,
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    Jan 31, 2004
    If you are not going to take the 24 month plan, I would buy an import phone and unlock it.

    It will probably be cheaper for you that way.

    Of course, you have to be ok with the fact that *maybe* from mid-2008 other people will be running around in Australia with also an iphone that *maybe* has gotten an upgrade (probably only 3G).

    I'm in Belgium and I imported one. Still not a lot of iphone users around, and honestly, I get around with 8GB and the camera is better than my old phone. Since I'm no huge phone or text user I get by with a 10 euro per month phone plan plus 5 euro for 10 MB edge data just fine (just don't make any mistakes like leaving your rss reader to refresh every 5 minutes, they are costly!).

    Hope this helps.
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    Mar 1, 2006
    Hey All
    The only other thing is that if I did buy an iPhone off eBay, can I buy one brand new from America or something with firmware 1.1.2. Are these able to be unlocked and able to work on Australian Networks. What are the differences between an unlocked and locked phone eg do certain features not work.

  4. thats nice macrumors member

    Nov 9, 2006
    1.1.2 not at the moment but i'm sure with time it will be able to be unlocked. Any unlocked iPhones you see on eBay or otherwise supporting the 'unlocked' states were either an earlier version which has been unlocked and upgraded to 1.1.2. Also they could be selling you an 1.1.2 iPhone as 'unlocked' meaning it can only be used basically as an iPod touch. So you wont be able to use your sim in it.

    Personally the iPhone isn't as great as it's abilities allow in Australia due to pathetic data plans and expensive call plans. Sure having internet whenever you want it is great, but knowing you only have 100 mb a month and that you're paying $30 + your expensive call plan for it is just stupid.

    So make sure you look into these things, because if i would have known that our data plans were this bad i would have just kept my K880i and brought an iPod classic.

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