Australian Launch: "Ships March 16-22"


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Jul 11, 2008
Would love for someone to shed some light on this tidbit. Upon ordering an iPad 3, Australians are quoted a delivery date of "March 16-22." Clearly, there is a fair gap present and it would be disappointing to recieve my iPad on March 22 (almost a week after launch). Thus, I am wondering if Apple has done this sort of thing before for other products? If so, when did these products actually ship and arrive?

I'm hoping that this date range is simply a buffer in case the mail is temporarily lost etc, and that I actually get my iPad next Friday!

Thanks for your input as always :apple:

thats nice

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Nov 9, 2006
This was the same for my Singapore store order.

Since I don't want to run the risk of not getting it on launch day I figured I'll go buy it from a reseller.

On MacTalk there was a chart showing the regions of Australia, depending which region you were in would determine your delivery status.


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Jul 19, 2008
At least you can pre-order. New Zealand has been left out yet again....