Authorization error for only SOME songs from a purchased album


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Mar 7, 2020

A while back, we started getting the dreaded "This computer is not authorized to play..." error for some of the music that we purchased - the curious thing has been that when purchasing an entire album, some of the songs would play fine and some of the songs would get the error.

Attempting to re-authorize the problem songs did nothing and neither did any of the various other common troubleshooting steps we've found. Strangely, the selection of songs working and not working appeared to be entirely random. Today, with some additional investigative work here and elsewhere on the internet, we finally discovered the commonality - we just don't know what to do about it now.

The music that works fine all shows under Kind in the Song Info as Purchased AAC audio file. Songs from the very same album (when it was purchased as an entire album) that won't play because of the error all show only "AAC audio file".

These problematic songs don't say anything about DRM or Protected so none of the advice around that seems to be relevant, but clearly the trouble is related to the fact that they don't say "Purchased".

Any recommendations or troubleshooting ideas - or even who to point this out to - would be welcome. We buy a lot of music and a noticeable percentage of recent purchases for approximately the past 6-9 months have this problem.

Thank you
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