Auto archive camera roll to save iCloud space?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by lokiju, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. lokiju, Mar 9, 2012
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    Are there any creative solutions to pull out the pics and videos from my camera roll to say something like my iMac that shares the same iCloud account and move them to a different location on my iMac but out of my iCloud/camera roll?

    I had to turn off syncing my camera roll to iCloud due to it chewing through my iCloud capacity to quickly and it bit me yesterday when I had to do a full wipe on my 4s to get iOS 5.1 to install. I completely forgot to backup my photos and videos before doing so and have now lost the ones I didn't upload or email.

    I'd love to have it auto backup via the camera roll to iCloud function as it's built in and does it in the background but I really want to avoid paying for more capacity.
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    Photo Stream doesn't count against your iCloud storage, your camera roll does.

    So I would clear out as much of my camera roll and depend on Photo Stream instead.
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    Photo Stream doesn't count against your iCloud storage. It's your Camera Roll that's eating it up during the iCloud backup. To see this go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>iPhone. You'll then have the option of turning off Camera Roll backing up to iCloud. Photo Stream stores your last 1000 photos which allows you to save them to your Camera Roll before they are deleted by Apple.
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    OK, worded it wrong. Camera roll. When I take pics and videos from my iPhone, that content/data eats up my iCloud capacity and while I like the syncing nature of it as it serves as a backup of sorts I'm wondering if I could have some solution that takes what syncs to iCloud from something like my iMac and pull the content and remove it from iCloud thus freeing up the space in iCloud from time to time in an automated way.

    Reworded the OP.
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    PhotoStream is a mechanism to transfer photos from your iPhone to another device. I turned on PhotoStream to put pictures on my PC and turned off iCloud backup of the Camera Roll. However, PhotoStream does not transfer videos and does not delete the photos from your Camera Roll.

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