Auto backup to iTunes using iTunes Wi-Fi sync?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sultanoflondon, Nov 28, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering whether it would be possible for iTunes to automatically backup my iPhone 6s when it is within the vicinity? For example, if the iPhone is close to the computer, iTunes automatically backs up the iPhone, say every one hour or so? If the iPhone is not local to the computer or is not on the same Wi-Fi network, then obviously this scenario won't work, but the iPhone is usually local to the computer and also almost always on the same Wi-Fi network.

  2. cynics, Nov 28, 2015
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    To the best of my knowledge you can get one or the other. An automatic wireless back up to iCloud and/or a manual wireless backup to iTunes.

    EDIT: If you goto iTunes > preferences > devices there is a check box to prevent automatic backups. I'm not sure if this will help you or not, you might want to experiment with it until someone else chimes in.
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    When you plug it in to the computer, there is a check box to back up. Then it will back up when plugged in to charge, asleep, and on the same wi-fi network. This will only work if the computer is awake and your iTunes account is active. You can set your computer to automatically open iTunes on log in for you if it's a shared machine. Now if you're looking to do timed back ups, you MAY be able to write a script to have iTunes perform a wireless backup every hour. That's beyond me though.
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    I've seen a lot of complaints here regarding the poor functioning of the auto backup to iTunes.
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    iTunes is the cash cow Apple works feverishly to keep relevant. Living in a wireless world, yet having to walk back to the dark ages of cables tethering iPhones, iPads and iPods to the mothership (Mac Computer) is a very crude dated system only Apple could get away with using.

    Some of us refuse to use this antique system, it's very refreshing to know that although frowned upon, it's no longer the only game in town.

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