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Nov 22, 2011
East Coast USA
hello all..

Maybe I'm just slow(probably user error)but I have a quick question on safari auto passwords inconjuction with keychain.

So lately I have been getting lazy and instead of creating my own passwords I have been having safari do it for me. Only for a few small forums I have recently joined, so it's not too important I remember them off the top of my head.

Anyways, I thought if I lets say created a password along with a forum account on my iPad that the very first time I try to log in on my iPhone it would have automatically filled in my credentials?

I have keychain working on all my devices and that seems to be fine, however I went to log in this morning on a site using my iPhone and it didn't know my password that was auto created on the iPad.

Again maybe it's me but I thought this was how it functioned? I know these features have been out for a while but really it's the first time I'm utilizing it.

Any insight is appreciated!


M. Gustave

macrumors 68000
Jun 6, 2015
Grand Budapest Hotel
You're right that it should auto populate the login fields, but I do have problems on some websites. I think it has to do with how the site page is denoted, or how the fields are named. If you look in Keychain, sometimes the username field will be completely blank for a site you generated a password successfully for.

Fixes are to edit the entry manually in Keychain, or sometimes begin typing the username on the website login, then it jogs the correct autofill loose.


Sep 13, 2008
Portland, OR
I've never had this work right for me either on any device. Every time I use the auto password create functionality, the password is missing from Keychain. If I create my own password it stores it every time. And yes I have keychain turned on in iCloud and everything is set correctly in Safari.
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