Auto-playing ads with sound can suck it

Tara Davis

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Mar 29, 2007
I used to browse this forum in the office once in a while as code compiles. But if it's going to play a Verizon ad with ****** dance music in the background every time I load the front page, I guess I'll be getting my Apple news from reddit from now on. :(


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Sep 8, 2010
From the FAQ

What do I do about annoying ads?
MacRumors uses an advertising service that supplies ads from a pool. We do not select the specific ads shown or the specific advertisers who participate.

If you find a particular ad especially annoying (e.g., an ad that is oversized, obscures the page, moves around, or has sound), let us know by posting a screenshot in our Site and Forum Feedback forum and telling us the URL it links to. Using this information we can ask to have it removed from the ad pool.

If you find all ads annoying, remember that ads support the site and allow us to provide free news, rumors, and discussion, and that ads are suppressed for paid members. See How do I contribute to above.
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