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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by maxxaddict, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Is there a way to automatically shut down an application if it is left idle for say 5 or 10 mins? I have to be able to access one email account from 7 different computers, if I connect to it with more then 4 it blocks the last 3.

    I have told the staff to simply shut down the mail application when it isn't in use to try to alleviate the problem but we are still running into issues. It's really bad when you have to phone back to the office long distance and tell them to shut down the mail application.
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    I'm not too sure about a free method of doing so, perhaps the latest version of OS X can do it, maybe even some apple scripts.

    As for what I do know (because I just tested it on a 1 minute time limit):

    The program "Keyboard Maestro" (Shareware, about $20 for single lisence) has the ability to set a macro in the following way:

    Macro activates upon the launch of (so it will run whatever command it is given upon opening the app, no hot keys to press).

    Quit specific application: after 1 minute.

    I tested it out, and after one minute from launching mail, it quit on me. Maybe you'd need a little more time before having it auto-close, but I set it to 1 minute for a test. To quickly check e-mail, i'm sure 5-10 minutes should do, 20-25 for long e-mails. It could even be set for hours.
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