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    This is my first post, so please be kind as I'm guessing the question I'm about to ask has been answered before (after spending the last 30 minutes searching here and elsewhere, however, I haven't been able to find the answer, hence the post):

    Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, when I drag a file into a folder that already contains a file with the same name, I sometimes get a prompt asking me to "keep both", in which case OS X appends a " 2" to the new file and moves it to the folder. Most of the time though, it only gives me the option to "replace" the existing file or "stop" the process entirely. I would always like the option to auto-rename the file and move it to the folder; it'd be even better if it would just do it automatically without the prompt. Instead, whenever I'm inexplicably not offered this option, I have to manually search out the duplicate file(s!) and rename them -- HUGE pain.

    Does anyone know a way to either make the auto-rename ("keep both") feature always available, or simply just have OS X rename duplicate files automatically the way PCs do (one of the few things PC definitely has right over the Mac IMO).




    I also meant to add that in Snow Leopard, I never got the "keep both" option, so it seems like this is something that was added to Lion / Mountain Lion, but for whatever reason they don't allow it on all file types because I definitely don't get the option every time.
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