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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by deltaways, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. deltaways macrumors newbie

    Feb 4, 2013

    I wonder if you can help me on I hope a simple issue I have.

    Im working on submitting info to a site that using a form to submit information from a receipt.

    When you visit the site you have to enter about 7 fields and then you press enter and a small box opens for you to add your email address.

    So basically it uses

    If the link was active you would then get a pop up box to enter your email address which I wish to bypass and have the email withing the submit link.

    anyone help me?
  2. SrWebDeveloper macrumors 68000


    Dec 7, 2007
    Alexandria, VA, USA
    If all you want is to " have the email withing the submit link" it's simply adding another argument on to the end, i.e. &

    There are two problems with this. First, you'll need to adjust the form processor (after submit) to recognize/validate the new input field "email" if its not a universal forms processor like formmail on the back end. Secondly, you never described how that link is generated to begin with, but you'll need to get that email from somewhere when creating the link (database?).

    On a side note there are security concerns with exposing data via GET vs. POST, especially an email address, due to cross site scripting (XSS) on submit, easily altered data and possible SQL injection issues if a database is involved on the back end. Had to mention it.

    If you are confused by my response, note I am confused by your description where you noted the email box twice and mentioned an active link and also a submit link - please better explain the process from start to end as I'm lost and took a best guess at this. No offense, of course!

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