Auto Transfer Data from 1 Mac to another?

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    So i have an iMac which I regularly use and do everything in. I also have a MacBook Pro which I use for developing (beginner and student)
    I wanted to know if there is a way by which any new file I add to a specific folder which is in both the devices, will automatically transfer to the other device when they both are in the same network.
    If I download a new song on my iMac and the I turn my MacBook on and when it connects to the wi-fi network, the mp3 is transferred to it.
    By that way, all my files will be up to date and I will not have to airdrop again and again.
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    I find that the Google drive desktop client is the best solution for this. It starts you off with 15Gb of free space and if you need it you can buy 100Gb for $1.99 a month or 1Tb for $9.99 a month. After the setup it essentially creates a folder that syncs across multiple devices provided you have it installed on those devices. It's also accessible over the internet if you're on a computer that isn't yours for example. There's more details about it here.
    One feature that I use a lot is the sharing function. You can let other people see specific files or folders in the drive if you want or keep it completely private. This is great if you're collaborating with other students on a group project, It also remembers revision history.

    A couple of photos to illustrate how it works :)


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    Synk Pro should be able to do this. Check it out at
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