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    I don't know if I'm overlooking something, but I've never found a way to keep the Samsung apps included on the device automatically updated. In the Galaxy Store I've turned on the option for auto updates, but that seems to apply to only apps installed through the Galaxy Store. I've never installed anything through the Galaxy Store app.

    This is one of the reasons why I don't want to purchase another Samsung device. There doesn't seem to be any way to view a list of available system apps that have updates available. For example, right now there is an update for the Calendar app, but the only reason I know that is because I went into Settings for the app and it shows that an update is available.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to automatically update system apps or a way to at least list all of the available updates in one place without having to manually open each app and go into Settings?

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    Galaxy Store has an update page that lists all apps that have updates available. You don't need to go into each app and update from within the app. Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner, -> My Page -> Update
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    Thank you! After I signed into my Samsung account, that option showed up. I've never signed into this phone before.

    That's pretty annoying though, that they make you sign in to a Samsung account to be able to see updates for system apps in one place.
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    That's cause system updates are from the Samsung Store. Occasionally the updates will come via Play Store, which I think is weird. Besides, there's too many features from Samsung not to be signed in.

    IMO, this is part of Android that I like over Apple. Cause Apple requires a OS firmware update.
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    I still don't see why any app or system updates should be tied to a Samsung account. In my case I had a bunch of updates available that I didn't even know about. There was never any notification or information that let me know that I needed to sign in to be able to update. When I set up this phone I skipped that step and never had any idea it was something that was required. I don't use or want any of the Samsung features, such as Bixby.
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    Simply cause it's updated through the Samsung store. The same way you have to be signed in to Google for Android system apps or firmware updates.

    If you don't want to use any of Samsung's features, you should have never picked up a Samsung device. If you only want one sign in account, stick with Apple or Pixel. Cause with many other manufacturers, you'll encounter the same thing.

    I personally find it hard to believe you have never used or installed anything that requires a Samsung account. You haven't even tried messing with changing themes, icons, AODs, and etc? No Secure Folder? No Samsung Pay? Etc?
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    I'm surprised at how some people can make a judgement on user experience of a specific device, and not even use a critical part of the user experience for that device. OP actually says he doesn't want to purchase another Samsung device, because he is frustrated with the user experience. The user experience that he himself has crippled by not having a Samsung Account. I'm sure he is not the first one to make such a mistake. Certain Samsung services are just better than Google's offerings. Google back up is not as robust as Samsung back up, not even close. Samsung's find my mobile services is also much more advanced than Google's find my phone service for Android devices. Bottom line, if you have a Samsung device, take full advantage of Samsung services by getting a Samsung Account.
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    [Deleted post because my question has already been answered.]

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