AUTOBOY - a 8BIT Style 2D Action Game

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    AUTOBOY - a 8Bit Style 2D Action Game
    AUTOBOY is a 8bit style 2D action game. You need to control Autoboy and use your skill to defeat all Evil robot.
    Every evil robot has their own different moves and attacks.
    When defeated all the evil robot, the evil master" Mister Joker" is waiting for you !
    Are you ready for a new challenge ?


    Year A.D.21xx, in the venue of the world new energy conference.
    Professor Gordon and his son Andy, announced their world changing invention, the"A.U.T.O. ENERGY".
    But the prototype sudden stole by " The Greastest Criminal - Mister Joker".
    Mister Joker bring the prototype back to his base and start to attack the venue.
    But Professor Gordon still have one last prototype, he use it to empower his another invention,
    the" A.U.T.O. Shooter" and quickly hand it to Andy, hoping him can bring the prototype back.
    Andy armed himself with the Auto Shooter. Then he transform into the Super Hero "AutoBoy" !!
    And immediate rush toward Mister Joker's base...


    Welcome to suggest more function you want, we will try to add new functions later. Thanks!



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