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    Oct 31, 2013
    I am running AutoCAD 2012 on 2 machines.

    A mac Pro 3,1 and a Macbook Pro 6,2.

    It has worked great for years on the MBP 6,2.

    I just installed it on the MP 3,1 and it crashes when I close a block attribute dialogue. This is a critical command. The open file dialogue is very slow to update folders the first time I access them. All the other features seem to work so far. However I have spent a lot of time trying to solve this dialogue issues.

    I have tried it of various hard drives including different versions of a variety of .dwgs. They all work on the MBP 6,2 but crash AutoCAD on the MP 3,1.

    Mac Pro 3,1 is technically not supported hardware for AutoCAD Lt 2012. The specs blow the MBP 6,2 out of the water. Could it really be a hardware issue?

    Here are the specs:

    MP 3,1:
    250gb SSD (active projects and system) 1TB (project backup, other data and media storage), 16gb RAM, Hd 5870 graphics

    MBP 6,2:
    120gb SSD (system only) 500gb (all data storage), 8gb RAM, Geforce GT 330M graphics
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    Oct 31, 2013
    After a little more time....

    So I have found a few work arounds:

    1)it crashes when I close a block attribute dialogue.....
    _I can edit the text portions of blocks using the properties inspector dialogue. It is hard to remember as I have just opened blocks attributes by clicking them for over a decade.

    2)open file dialogue is very slow to update folders.....
    _ it seems like if I click a different drive and click the one I want to access it comes right up.

    Other wise it seems to be a little more responsive than the MBP i was using. However, If I have a critical deadline it is problematic. It is hard to break old habits when the clock is ticking.

    If any one knows hoe to trick AutoCAD into thinking this is a supported machine it could really help me. I up graded my 3,1 MP because I wanted to push upgrading a few years. These issues are making me question that logic.

    For my primary software, ArchiCAD, it is way better.

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