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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mkaake, Sep 10, 2003.

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Just got this from AutoDesk (submitted link at bottom to MacBytes, but it doesn't tell everything that is in this email)

    "Dear Apple/Autodesk enthusiast,

    Some time ago you responded to an Autodesk survey about porting our technology to Mac OS X. We at Autodesk are pleased to announce formal support for OS X beginning with our “DWF” published file format and our viewing/printing product, the Autodesk® Express Viewer. Both technologies will be available in the coming months; check the Autodesk and Apple websites frequently for updated information.

    We have taken the first steps into porting our technology over to OS X to gauge interest in the community. Many of you are also interested in the OS X port of one of our design applications, such as AutoCAD. I will tell you that while this is still under investigation, there are no current plans to port AutoCAD. That said, the release of the Viewing/Plotting product and DWF file format represent our first step at addressing several important customer requests regarding workflow and publication of design data when using OS X as a platform.

    The “second step” has yet to be determined and we await your response to this technology release. Please continue to voice your opinion with your local Autodesk reseller, retailer, at user groups, in trade magazines and at industry events, etc. Your voice carries weight.

    Here are some links with information about this technology release:

    Today’s Press Release (9/9/2003):

    What is the DWF file format?

    What is the Autodesk® Express Viewer?

    This e-mail is being distributed to a wide audience; I apologize in advance if I can’t answer your questions in a timely manner. Also, if you wish to be removed from this distribution list, let me know and I’ll remove you. This list is only going to be used (by me) to announce the release of Autodesk technology for OS X for those who have expressed interest.

    Again, both technologies will be available in the coming months; check the Autodesk and Apple websites frequently for updated information.

    Thanks again for your interest in our products and OS X,


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    Feb 13, 2002
    I got the same email after i responded to their survey they sent me a while ago. I am glad they will be releasing their viewer and hopefully if it goes over well they will release autocad for os x. I didn't really think much of the survey they sent out because they kind of downplayed its importance and the likelyhood of them releasing anything. This could help bring macs back into the architecture/engineering realm since there are very few if any good cad solutions for macs currently. Ever since autodesk and another cad developer (whoever develops microstation) stopped developing for macs most architecture firms (nearly all of the ones i can think of in the southeast of any significant size) have switched to pcs.

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