iPod Autofill/random sync - Shuffle only? (Or is it available on all iPods now?)


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Jul 6, 2006
Fenton, MO
I noticed that according to this, that iTunes can autofill and randomly choose the songs for the Shuffle.

Is this feature available in all iPods now? I know previously (going from a post search and finding this post) it wasn't available for anything but the Shuffle. But since then, there's been at least 1 iTunes update and I wanted to know if that feature was now available with other models (such as the Nano).



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Jun 22, 2006
This feature is what made me fall in love w/ the shuffle that my wife has. Playlists on the full-size ipod are great, but the navigation is a pain while driving (and unsafe to boot). The auto-fill is a great feature, and want my own shuffle so I can do the same thing...