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    Is there a way with HomeKit to have (for example) my home-kit lights turn off when I press play on the Apple TV and turn on when I press pause?

    I can imagine this can be done if I forgo the apple TV remote and use a Harmony or something, but I'd like to keep just using the Apple TV remote. I have the Apple TV set up as a homekit hub and have several homekit devices working fine, but I'd really like to automate my home theater. I have harmony remotes left over from before I had apple TV, but as I say, I'd like to do this without using a different remote if possible.

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Is there maybe anything with HomeBridge that would make Apple TV automation possible?
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    This is a big gaping hole in HomeKit. Why doesn't Apple's very own home device — the AppleTV — integrate with HomeKit automation?
    The Good Night scene should shut off the TV, a Good Morning scene could trigger AppleTV to wake up and play an AppleMusic playlist. Starting a movie should enable the "watch TV" lighting scene. Asking Siri while you're out if you left the TV on should be possible as should asking Siri to shut it off for you.
    There's HomeKit support via the Siri remote, but HomeKit itself isn't aware of your AppleTV as a HomeKit device. It's like they implemented just the basics to make it work but left the rest undone. If this isn't a part of tvOS 11, I'll be very surprised.

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